Welcome to Northside's prayer wall. You are welcome to share your prayer requests with the community here, write an anonymous prayer request, share a prayer request with the church staff only, or pray for other prayer requests on this page. We are all one community. Nobody prays alone. Please share your prayers and prayer requests with us as we strive to encourage and uplift one another. 


Please pray for my mind and heart to lines up with Gods will. Discernment Direction and obedience in Jesus name


Please pray for me. I believe in faith that God can heal me of my varicose veins and my arthritis. Please pray also for the restoration of my family and my marriage. Thank you.


Pastor stan and pastor Steve please pray for me and my family as we get through this time. Please pray for my granddaughter ciara turberville she has taken her out of the family none of us have any idea where she is . My other granddaughter piper has been placed in my son in law mother's house Please pray for my daughter jessica to reach out to the light of God. Amen. I look forward to coming to church hopefully soon.


There is a young godly lady at my workplace, ‘Nirat,’ who is being mistreated. The two men above her are manipulative, controlling, and are trying to destroy certain people’s reputations to get them fired. So they slander those people by saying she was deeply offended by their words, or feels unsafe working with them. They will write HR complaints against people, and use her name for emotional effect. They tell her those people are dangerous, trying to get her to feel the unsafe so she will say the right thing in front of HR. Please pray that she will SPEAK OUT against this. Pray that she will clear her name, and the names of those who have been slandered! Pray that many people will speak out strongly against this! Thank you.


Please pray for my son Derrick to quit drinking and our relationship will be restored.


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