Andy is the lead Children's Ministry Director here at Northside and he's the kind of guy who just can't get enough of sharing the story of God's love with kids of all ages and seeing how it blesses, transforms and enriches their lives. A graduate of Murphy high, he subsequently attended Northland College in Wisconsin, majoring in Conflict Resolution & Religion. 

    Although he accepted Christ as a child himself at the tender age of eight, it wasn't until his teen years that he connected with some solid youth ministry leaders who taught him how to make Jesus the Lord of his life and how to eventually share that love with other people. Now, he's passionate about making the Bible-learning experience deeper and more fun for kids of every background. 

    He's married to Lisa Ladnier-Givens and together they have two beautiful children: Lila and Gideon. Andy also works locally as the store manager of Hall's Wholesale Florist in Theodore, Alabama and even serves in the local community as an Eagle Scout.  

    When he's not at Northside, you can probably find Andy reading, canoeing, coaching youth sports, playing video games and Legos with his kids, taking online classes, watching super hero flicks or learning how to play the guitar. 



    A native resident of Mobile, Lesa graduated locally from Baker high school in 1987 and subsequently from Judson College in Marion, Alabama. She has been happily married to John Dale since March 2011 and together they have three children: Brandi, Dustin and Kenny. Although she was raised in private schools and attended church off and on, it wasn't until she saw the stage production "The Passion" (for the third time) on Pentecost Sunday in 1999 at Overlook Full Gospel Church that she felt God's call on her life. She and her two oldest kids were baptized just one month later. 

    Lesa is passionate about helping high school and college students merge their aptitude, spiritual gifts and interests into their college major or the career choices that excite them. As a contemporary Christian Life & Career Center Coach, she is the founder of Discerning My Calling, where she engages with families in an effort to support young adults to reach their fullest potential. 

    She is also certified in Spiritual Gifts/DISC training and believes that each of us has a divine and God-given talent. You can learn more about her coaching at When she's not at Northside, you can find her drinking lots of coffee, building her business and reading or listening to books. 

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