Meet Our Dream Team of Amazing Volunteers.


    Northside Academy Administrator  

    Cindy has lived in the Mobile area since early childhood. As a wife, mother, grandmother, church member, and homeschool community leader, she is passionate about serving and caring for others. She was raised in a family dedicated to ministry, saved as a young child, and eventually rededicated her life as an adult in 2000. After many years of searching for a church, Cindy and her husband Michael finally found a home at Northside. 

    Serving in several capacities at Northside over the years — from kitchen duties to nursery management to event coordination — Cindy's primary focus is on Northside Academy, a statewide homeschool cover. She has graduated four of her own children from homeschool, each of whom have gone on to live happy and successful lives. She still has one at home. Cindy is dedicated to empowering Alabama's families to homeschool regardless of their circumstances and gives as much support as is needed to all of the families under the covering of the school. 


    Journey Membership Coordinator

    A native resident of Mobile, Lesa graduated locally from Baker high school in 1987 and subsequently from Judson College in Marion, Alabama. She has been happily married to John Dale since March 2011 and together they have three children: Brandi, Dustin and Kenny. Although she was raised in private schools and attended church off and on, it wasn't until she saw the stage production "The Passion" (for the third time) on Pentecost Sunday in 1999 at Overlook Full Gospel Church that she felt God's call on her life. She and her two oldest kids were baptized just one month later. 

    Lesa is passionate about helping high school and college students merge their aptitude, spiritual gifts and interests into their college major or the career choices that excite them. As a contemporary Christian Life & Career Center Coach, she is the founder of Discerning My Calling, where she engages with families in an effort to support young adults to reach their fullest potential. 

    At Northside, Lesa serves as Financial Administrative Assistant. She is also certified in Spiritual Gifts/DISC training and believes that every individual has a divine and God-given talent. You can learn more about her coaching at When she's not at Northside, you can find her drinking lots of coffee, building her business and reading or listening to books. 


    Audio/video Producer

    An eight-year Army veteran with a passion for technology and Jesus, Michael served two campaigns in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. In 2016, he came to Northside after his wife Cindy had already been attending for about a year. The Howards had almost given up on finding a church where they could fit in, but Cindy found herself so enamored with Northside's welcoming atmosphere and friendly people that she couldn't help but to make a return visit and even attend some small group classes.

    Mike soon met Stan and before long he was serving with the church's media production team, filming the weekly services for the Facebook Page, and editing the sermon audio for the church website and podcast. He says he's been married to Cindy "forever" and honestly can't even remember a time that he was single, which might explain the five kids (three boys and two girls.) He describes himself as "duty-driven" and has pledged to serve and protect people of all races, creeds, and nationalities, regardless of their backgrounds.